​The probate courts in Harris County do not have a formal submission docket.​

Contested MattersDoes Probate Court No. 2 have a submission docket?

​Contested ancillary motions are heard on Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.​

Contested MattersWhen are contested motions heard?

​A hearing is required if the Probate Code or other law requires a hearing.  Hearings are also required if testimony is necessary.​

Contested MattersWhen are hearings required?

​Attorneys may appear at hearings by telephone. Ordinarily witnesses may not appear by telephone, except with prior permission of the judge on good cause shown.​

Contested MattersMay an attorney appear at a hearing by telephone?

​A hearing is ordinarily not required on motions to substitute or withdraw as attorney of record in a contested case. Compliance with Rule 10, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, is required.​

Contested MattersDo you require a hearing for a motion to substitute/withdraw as attorney?

​Every contested matter will be set for trial as soon as it is brought to the Court’s attention that the matter is contested. Matters are set for trial by a scheduling conference, but may be set by the parties obtaining a trial setting from the court coordinator and completing and filing a scheduling order.​

Contested MattersMust every contested matter be set for trial?

​A personal representative of a decedent’s estate, or the guardian of the estate of an incapacitated person may bring suit in probate court for damages for death or personal injuries.​

Contested MattersMay a suit for damages for death or personal injury be brought in probate court?